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neox4t has an auction system where you can bid for unique identification numbers (IDs). If you are looking for Powers auction information, please click here.

Auction[edit | edit source]

The auction process is usually split into 2 phases. However, if specific IDs are being auctioned off, phase 2 will start straight away.

Before bidding on an ID, read the auction rules as stated on the auction page.

Note: You cannot bid on a registered ID or a previously used ID.

Phase 1 - Pre-Auction[edit | edit source]

The pre-auction phase is where users submit IDs to be bid on, according to the restrictions. For example, if it were a 7 digit auction, someone could submit a bid of 1,000 x4ts for ID 1331331. The top 5 IDs in phase 1 (signified by a bold line) will go into Phase 2 - Auctioning.

Phase 2 - Auctioning[edit | edit source]

The top 5 IDs from Phase 1 are now up for bidding.

At the end of the auctioning phase, the highest bidder on an ID will be able to claim it. When the timer for an ID reaches below 10 minutes, bids submitted in this phase will extend the timer for that ID by 10 minutes, and by 5 minutes if the timer drops below 5 minutes.

Note: You can only have one open bid per account.

Claiming an ID[edit | edit source]

If you win an ID in the auction, you now need to claim it. To do so, go to the auction page and then submit an empty bid for the ID that you won and you will see a drop-down menu giving you two options:

Transfer to new ID[edit | edit source]

If you select this option, your account's ID will be swapped and you will keep your registered username, x4ts, days, powers, gifts, x4tspace, friends list, and the email associated with your account. You will also be given a register link to register your old ID (the one you used to bid) like a new account.

Get reg link for new ID[edit | edit source]

If you select this option, you will be given the register link for you to be able to register the ID like a new account.