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Pstyle allows you to customize your profile dialog on the chat. This includes the background, colors, themes and icons.

Editing Pstyle settings.


To utilize the Pstyle power, click your name in the userlist and click "Settings," then click "Pstyle."

Note: Pstyle won't show in Night Mode.


Background image

You can set an image URL or a hex color code (Colorwheel.png), this will apply as your background at the top behind your avatar/display name. The image URL must be a direct link beginning with https and ending in either .png or .jpg.

Note: There are no official dimensions for the background image. For better sizing, the image should have an aspect ratio of 3.8:1 pixels.

Profile using Pstyle with the Aegis gradient theme.
Information back color

This is where you can change the background color of your name, online status, buttons and icons. However, if you already have a gradient theme set, it will be displayed instead.

Gradient theme

You can set a theme for your profile with 6 gradients to choose from. Hover or click on a gradient name below for a preview.

Hide icons

You can choose to hide icons from your profile such as Registered, Subscriber, Married/BFF, Homepage and Gifts.