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Safe Trade interface. To open up the application, type the word "trade" on the chat, and click on it.

Sometimes you have x4ts and need days, sometimes you have days and need x4ts. Other times, you may want to trade or buy powers with your x4ts or days. This guide will show you how to use the neox4t trade engine for easier and safer trading. To find users to trade with, visit a trade chat.

Safe trading[edit | edit source]

Safe trading is a process of exchanging either x4ts, days, or powers between users. To use it, both users enter the amount of x4ts, days, or powers they wish to exchange. If the offer meets both users' expectations, they may continue with the trade by confirming it with their neox4t account password.

Above the application, you'll see the "AddAll" button, along with a search bar.

  • The "AddAll" button will add one set of each power you currently own, along with a progress bar as powers are being added. If you have multiples of one power, only one will be added until you click the button another time. This may cause some delays if you have a large amount of different powers.
  • The search bar will search for powers, collections and categories. For example, if "ea" was typed into the bar, any owned powers that begin with "ea" will be shown, such as easteregg and easterland. To see the rest of your powers again, simply remove all the letters in the search bar.

The top section of the trade application displays the total amount of x4ts, days and powers you have on your account. The middle-left section displays your offer and the middle-right section displays the offer from the person you are trading with.

After both of you have made your offers and agree to carry out the trade, fill in your neox4t account's password into the bottom "password" field, click on "Accept trade", double check the offers to make sure everything is as it should be and click on "Confirm trade" to successfully complete the trade.

The process of making one-sided transactions of x4ts or days.

Transfer[edit | edit source]

To give someone x4ts or days without the use of the trade engine, click on their name on the users list and click the "Transfer" button.

On the top left corner of the window and also below the password field is the username of the person you are transferring x4ts/days to. Make sure it is who you think it is before transferring. Insert a message you want to display to the person receiving the x4ts or days and then proceed to enter your neox4t password into the password field and the amount of x4ts or days you are transferring into their respective fields.

Note: The minimum transfer amount is 10 x4ts or 1 day. This can be increased with Mint power.

Frequently asked questions[edit | edit source]

Why do I get these error messages when I am trading?

  • Failed

If you receive a "failed" message after you have accepted and confirmed a trade, this generally means that the person you are trading with has either input a bad password, does not have enough x4ts, does not have enough subscriber time or they have a transfer hold.

  • Not enough x4ts

This error means that you do not have enough x4ts to trade. For example, if you only have 100 x4ts but you are trying to trade 400 x4ts, you will get this error message. This means that you do not have the other 300 x4ts to cover what you are trying to trade. You can get more x4ts or days by going to and clicking the Store dropdown menu and then clicking "Buy x4ts days," or by clicking on the "Get x4ts" button located on the smiley bar of the chatroom.

  • Not enough subscriber time!

You get this error because you do not have enough days to cover the trade you are trying to complete. For example, you could offer 7,000 days but you only really have 3 days. This will result in you getting this error. You can get more x4ts or days by going to the buy page or by clicking on the "Get x4ts" button located on the smiley bar of a chatroom.

  • Bad password

This error means that you are inputting the wrong password. The correct password to enter would be the password that you chose when you had registered for your own neox4t account. To recover your password, click here and select "Lost password/Username" at the top.

Note: This error also causes everything you input to disappear, so you have to re-open the trade application to try again.

  • neox4t Reserve Limit Exceeded

Reserve is a restriction that may occur after you buy x4ts and days. It is used to protect you from someone else getting into your account and giving them away. If you want a reserve reduction you can open a ticket and request it; otherwise, you must wait for the reserve to reduce. Note: There is no guarantee that you will receive a reserve reduction if you open a ticket.

  • Held

The Held message occurs when your account has been held, which can be due to several reasons. Your account may have been detected to have become a victim of Phishing, and the hold was automatically put in place to protect your x4ts/days/powers. In this case, it will go away in a few days, which will allow enough time to let you restore your account and make sure the phisher can not take your x4ts/days/powers away.

How to avoid being scammed[edit | edit source]

To ensure that you do not get scammed, there is a small time delay between pressing “Accept trade” and changing your offer quickly before pressing “Accept trade” again. This is to assure that neither user gets scammed and that the safe trade system is safe to use.

If someone offered you 420 days but instead only had 20 days, when you and the other person press trade, a message will pop up informing you that the user does not have enough subscriber time. It will also show that the trade failed to the other person.

After clicking accept, both users are required to click again to confirm the trade. Always make sure that the trade is what you want before confirming. If you asked for days, make sure they did not enter x4ts. Also, double check to make sure that the correct number of digits are there, such as 380 x4ts instead of 38 x4ts for Nameglow, or 2600 x4ts instead of 260 x4ts for 200 days.

Please read Scams for more information.